The advent of modern declarative logical specification languages such as Flix, QL and Soufflé has facilitated the implementation of many rich program analysis tools. Declaratively specified program analysis tools have proven to be flexible enough to faithfully model real world languages, scalable, and less burdensome to extend and maintain. The goal of this workshop is to be the first venue truly dedicated to declaratively specified program analyses, bringing together the key practitioners that are driving this exciting field.

The themes of this workshop form a “vertical integration” in a supply chain of platforms and tools for declarative program analysis, and are as follows:

  • Program analysis frameworks We solicit work on declarative program analysis toolchains and frameworks for analysing various languages, e.g. low/high level languages, or domain-specific languages such as smart contracts.
  • Declarative language infrastructure In addition, we also solicit work on the infrastructure behind the declarative language environments that enable these program analysis frameworks, including datalog compilers/transpilers, databases and runtime environments.
  • Applications Lastly, we solicit talks from practitioners that use these program analysis frameworks to implement practical analysis tools.

Call for Contributions

If you would like to contribute a talk to this workshop, please submit a title and an abstract using the contact form. Talks slots will be 30 minutes, but speakers are encouraged to allow 5-10 minutes for Q&A. We will not publish any proceedings, but slides from talks can be put online on the workshop web site if desired.

Questions? Use the DPA contact form.