Sat 22 Jun 2019 16:00 - 16:25 at 212A - Applications of Chapel (continued) Chair(s): Michael Ferguson

In this talk, I summarize prior work on the Chapel HyperGraph Library (CHGL), the Chapel Aggregation Library (CAL), and introduce the more general Chapel Graph Library (CGL). CGL is being designed to enable global-view programming, such that locality is abstracted from the user. CGL is also being designed in a way that is similar to Chapel’s multiresolution design philosophy, where graphs are implemented in terms of hyper graphs, and where both the underlying hypergraph and overlying graphs are available for use. Some of the kinds of graphs being designed are bipartite graphs, directed and undirected graphs, and even trees.

Sat 22 Jun
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16:00 - 16:50: CHIUW 2019 - Applications of Chapel (continued) at 212A
Chair(s): Michael FergusonCray Inc.
CHIUW-2019-papers16:00 - 16:25
Louis JenkinsUniversity of Rochester, Marcin ZalewskiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
CHIUW-2019-papers16:25 - 16:50
Benjamin AlbrechtCray Inc., Alex HeyeCray Inc., Benjamin RobbinsCray Inc.