Tue 25 Jun 2019 10:40 - 11:00 at 228AB - Parallelism and Super Computing II Chair(s): Sreepathi Pai

Irregular data structures, as exemplified with sparse matrices, have proved to be essential in modern computing. Numerous sparse formats have been investigated to improve the overall performance of Sparse Matrix-Vector multiply (SpMV). But in this work we propose instead to take a fundamentally different approach: to automatically build sets of regular sub-computations by mining for regular sub-regions in the irregular data structure.
Our approach leads to code that is specialized to the sparsity structure of the input matrix, but which does not need anymore any indirection array, thereby improving SIMD vectorizability. We particularly focus on small sparse structures (below 10M nonzeros), and demonstrate substantial performance improvements and compaction capabilities compared to a classical CSR implementation and Intel MKL IE's SpMV implementation, evaluating on 200+ different matrices from the SuiteSparse repository.

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Tue 25 Jun

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10:00 - 11:00
Parallelism and Super Computing IIPLDI Research Papers at 228AB
Chair(s): Sreepathi PaiUniversity of Rochester
Sparse Computation Data Dependence Simplification for Efficient Compiler-Generated Inspectors
PLDI Research Papers
Mahdi Soltan MohammadiUniversity of Arizona, Eddie C. DavisBoise State University, USA, Mary HallUniversity of Utah, Maryam Mehri DehnaviUniversity of Toronto, Payal NandyUniversity of Utah, USA, Catherine R. M. OlschanowskyBoise State University, USA, Anand VenkatUniversity of Utah, Tomofumi Yuki, Kazem CheshmiUniversity of Toronto, Michelle StroutUniversity of Arizona
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Modular Divide-and-Conquer Parallelization of Nested Loops
PLDI Research Papers
Azadeh FarzanUniversity of Toronto, Victor NicoletUniversity of Toronto
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Generating Piecewise-Regular Code from Irregular Structures
PLDI Research Papers
Travis AugustineColorado State University, USA, Janarthanan SarmaColorado State University, USA, Louis-Noël PouchetColorado State University, Gabriel RodríguezUniversidade da Coruña, Spain
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