Mon 24 Jun 2019 08:45 - 09:05 at 229AB - Concurrency I Chair(s): Alastair F. Donaldson

For ARMv8 and RISC-V, there are concurrency models in two styles,
extensionally equivalent: axiomatic models, expressing the concurrency
semantics in terms of global properties of complete executions; and
operational models, that compute incrementally. The latter are in an
abstract microarchitectural style: they execute each instruction in
multiple steps, out-of-order and with explicit branch speculation.
This similarity to hardware implementations has been important in
developing the models and in establishing confidence, but involves
complexity that, for programming and model-checking, one would prefer
to avoid.

We present new more abstract operational models for ARMv8 and RISC-V,
and an exploration tool based on them. The models compute the allowed
concurrency behaviours incrementally based on thread-local conditions
and are significantly simpler than the existing operational models:
executing instructions in a single step and (with the exception of
early writes) in program order, and without branch speculation. We
prove the models equivalent to the existing ARMv8 and RISC-V axiomatic
models in Coq. The exploration tool is the first such tool for ARMv8
and RISC-V fast enough for exhaustively checking the concurrency
behaviour of a number of interesting examples. We demonstrate using
the tool for checking several standard concurrent datastructure and
lock implementations, and for interactively stepping through
model-allowed executions for debugging.

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Mon 24 Jun

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